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Public Attributes

__jbase_stream Struct Reference

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Public Attributes

guint dead
gboolean direction
guint displayed
jbase_mutableaddress dst
guint dstbps
guint32 dstbytes
guint32 dstpackets
gint dstport
guint dstpps
struct __jbase_resolv_entrydstresolv
guchar * filterData
guint filterDataChangeCount
FilterDataFreeFunc filterDataFreeFunc
FilterDataFunc filterDataFunc
guint filterDataLastDisplayChangeCount
gchar filterDataString [FILTER_DATA_STRING_LENGTH]
GTimeVal firstSeen
guint hdstbytes [HISTORY_LENGTH]
guint hdstbytessum
guint hdstpackets [HISTORY_LENGTH]
guint hdstpacketssum
guint hsrcbytes [HISTORY_LENGTH]
guint hsrcbytessum
guint hsrcpackets [HISTORY_LENGTH]
guint hsrcpacketssum
GTimeVal lastSeen
guint proto
int rxtx
jbase_mutableaddress src
guint srcbps
guint32 srcbytes
guint32 srcpackets
gint srcport
guint srcpps
struct __jbase_resolv_entrysrcresolv
guint totalbps
guint32 totalbytes
guint32 totalpackets
guint totalpps
guint64 uid

Detailed Description

Definition at line 156 of file jbase.h.

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